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Group EMDR Therapy

What is a EMDR Therapy?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a highly effective, evidence-based treatment for treating trauma and other mental health conditions


EMDR is a semi-structured therapy where a client is asked to briefly focus on a traumatic event while a trained therapist introduces bilateral stimulation to facilitate and support the brain’s natural information processing mechanisms. This allows information that is “stuck” to be properly digested and integrated into adaptive memory networks. Learn more about EMDR therapy here:

About this Group:

This group will be available solely to local law enforcement, fire/EMS and dispatchers struggling with occupational trauma. Whether a specific critical incident or the cumulative effect of vicarious trauma, this group will provide a safe, confidential space to help your brain better digest the various experiences you’ve encountered on the job.

Benefits of Groups EMDR:

  • Mutual support from fellow first responders who understand the experiences and challenges of the careers

  • Less disclosure: Group EMDR therapy doesn't require that you share the details of your experience aloud - your brain does the work it needs to do internally

  • Cost effective: Group treatment is costs less than individual therapy

  • Expedited access to treatment: Skip the long waitlists for individual treatment by joining other responders facing similar challenges

  • Accelerated recovery: When used a appropriately, EMDR therapy can provide much quicker relief of symptoms than traditional talk therapy


Dates for 2024 groups will be released soon!

Please email Amy Bock ( to express interest and receive email updates regarding scheduling 


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