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Peer Support Program Consultation

Firefighter peer support

Peer Support Programs are an invaluable component of department wellness initiatives. Oftentimes, first responders are more accepting of mental health assistance if it is comes from a trusted peer. Peer supporters have the unique ability to serve as a bridge between the department/region they cover and outside mental health and substance abuse treatment.

Peer Support Programs respond to a variety of needs, including:

  • Critical incident response

  • Workplace injuries

  • Line of Duty deaths

  • Substance abuse concerns

  • Crisis interventions, suicide prevention

  • Family assistance

  • Wellness check-ins and follow-up 

Peer supporters should maintain ongoing training and continuing education to most effectively serve members in their region. Peer supporters should also be familiar with local resources specific to the needs of first responders to provide referrals for members in need.

Amy Bock has experience consulting and collaborating with departments on a variety of wellness initiatives and is completing advanced training for certification in Peer Support Leadership (CPSL)


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