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First Responder Wellness Visits

A Wellness Visit is an individual session with a licensed mental health professional with advanced training in first responder mental health. The goal is to discuss an employee’s current abilities to cope with job stressors and to learn additional healthy ways to deal with these and future stressors.   

A Wellness Evaluation is NOT a fitness for duty evaluation and is NOT a form of punishment.  The Wellness Evaluation involves individualized training and is considered an officer safety course, as there are still more first responders that die by suicide than are killed in the line of duty. 

This evaluation is not intended to screen for a mental health diagnosis or disorder and none will be provided. This process offers an opportunity for an employee to discuss coping strategies and solutions to deal with the various stressors of being a first responder as well as be given psychoeducation about individual mental health wellness.   


Wellness Visits:

1. Reduce mental health stigma

2. Increase access to mental health support and resources

3. Are confidential, even when mandated by a department - no information discussed during the session will be shared with your department

4. Facilitate a culture of mutual support

5. Offer a proactive, preventative component to mental health and resilience

6. Connect members with individual and community supports, as needed


Wellness evaluation being completed
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